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Math Magazine

DIGITAL EDITION: Math Adult Coloring Book

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Enjoy digital adult coloring with us! Coloring is good for you, sex is good for you, imagine what happens when we combine the two!

A radically inclusive coloring book celebrating fun, healthy, and diverse sexuality with over 100 pages of drawings and quotes inspired by past issues of Math Magazine. 

"Use this book however you please, there is no wrong way to go about it. Color with a friend, or complete it solo as a diary of your ever-changing desires."Zoë Ligon

PLUS: your purchase comes with 4-pages that are ready to print immediately so you can get to coloring right away! 


Art Director: MacKenzie Peck

Project Lead: Emma Sturm

Forward Author: Zoe Ligon

Assistant Designers: 

Emma Apicelli
SK Babul
Priyanka Badlani
Bianca Beltran
Franziska Schütz


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