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Math Magazine


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This publication is NOT about Math and contains 18+ content. For more information visit 

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Math Magazine, Issue Five


STAFF: Veron Ames, Bianca Beltran, Dana Burns, Ginger Hollander, Emma Strum, Kevin Sussy

ARTWORK: Nacho Cassanova, Alfonse Dagada, BP Laval, Michelle Froh Claudot, Mattie Hinkley, Kira Shewfelt

MODELS: Mathieu Andrieux, Nenetl Avril, Buck Angel, Tanner Wayne Blount, Laura Delarato, Dro, Heff Fox, Romy Furie, FFX, Happiness, Clam Jackson, Lola Jean, Colby Keller, Metaux Lourds, Traci Matlock, Ingrid Mouth, Mila Nikinsky, Nameless Slut, Stoya, Mark Time, Jessica Valerio, Miranda Von Vogel

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Romy Alizée, Daniel Anton NYC, Tanner Wayne Blount, Jarid Blue, Kingmallard, Bruno Clement, Davide Absolute Resolution, Une Maitresse Femme, Maro Haro, Freshie Juice, Colby Keller, Neko, &, Roy Stuart, Kevin Sussy, Mark Time, Jessica Uçul, Jaka Vinšek, Meg Wachter, Milena Wojhan, Morgan Zakarin

AUTHORS: Dodo, Lauren Even, Une Maitresse Femme, FFX, Mattie Hinkley, Grace Lions, Melissa Mesku, Jessica Rhones, A.L. Steiner, Cyn Grace Sylvie, Nessa Winters, Riley Yaxley

SPECIAL THANKS: Daniel Allegrucci, Amanda Debisschop, Lizzo, Mag Mob, Mom & Dad, Fundraiser Supporters