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Math Magazine


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Founder & Editor-in-Chief
MacKenzie Peck

Cecily Brown,, Sophia Weisstub, Tendership

Anjelica Jardiel, Ariana Paige, Bianca Beltran, Dodo, Jo Constance, Leandra Vane, Leighah Rose, S.C. Sherman

Alef Ghosn, Anjelica Jardiel, CHILL, Chris Phillips / Pornceptual, Cole Witter, CROSXSOVER, Eye of Ra Photography, Jenny Lederer, Kissmedeadlydoll, Lauren Dickerhoof, Molly Ace, Oliver Tam, Sarah Deaner, SilverLight Esoterica Photography, Trey McIntyre, Willie Davis, Zach Ranson, Zefrey Throwell

Andy Virus, Amethyst, Eva Wo, Grigory Basov, Hollie M. Fitzhenry, Khaleel, Kissmedeadlydoll, Knox Rath, Loba Clark, Lucas Wilson-Bilbro, Marina DoubleYou, Maya E. Rose, Mia Secreto, Nicolette Di'Bendetto, Ramoan Bruce