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Math Magazine


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MATH #1 is sold out in the print edition. This is your chance to see this pivotal issue in the storied history of Math

Please note that digital downloads may take longer to be sent and saved to your device. If you have not received a working digital download link by the date after your purchase, please reach out to so we can help sort out the issue. Thank you!

Artwork: Stasia Burrington, Lousongmade, Marina Santana, Ivithja Woodwoman

Writing: lady fox, Matthew Harris, Tim Josephs, The Dirty Mayor, Roman Testroet, Marilyn Rondon, Marina Santana

Photography: Sophie Ebrard, Erick Gowins, Spencer Greene, Joanne Leah, Sam Light, Marilyn Rondon, J Tyler

(Some images and names have been censored at the request of collaborators.)