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Math Magazine


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MATH back issues are now available in digital format.

We are always looking out for the needs and boundaries of our incredible contributors, that's why some of the pages in your Digital Edition will be blurred out. Selected artists and models asked that their work not appear in digital formats, so if you're able to get your hands on a print copy you'll get to see everything!

Please note that digital downloads may take longer to be sent and saved to your device. If you have not received a working digital download link by the date after your purchase, please reach out to so we can help sort out the issue. Thank you!


Founder & Creative Director: MacKenzie Peck
Typographer: Oneskinnyj
Photography: Sam Light, Lance Manyon, MacKenzie Peck, Nicole Milfie
Models: Miss B, Daphne Brooks, Rhea Cybelle, Miss B, Dori Jay, MacKenzie
Artwork: Nika Cherrelle, Brian Ennis, Jill Fannon, Dan Glubizzi, Alexander Katz, Nicole Milfie, Trina
Writing: Miss B, Daphne Brooks, Amanda DeBisschop, Alexander Katz, Lowell

Special Thanks: Angelina Vierneza, Lance Manyon, Sam Light, Sean Scheidt, GRCH, Sean & Kat, Adam D., Amanda, Anya, Lizzo, my parents who don’t even know about this, my first ex-husband, the internet, successful people who went to my college and inspire me to kick ass, and all of the people who intimidate me.

“Dori Jay,” lingerie courtesy, Narcisse, 110 N. 6th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11249,

Logotype: Angelina Vierneza,, @jelinavrnza


National by Klim Type Foundary, New Zealand