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Math Magazine

MATH #8 + Adult Coloring Book

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This is not about Math AT ALL! 

Issue Eight reflects on sex and faith, with a feature column on queer Christianity. In this issue of Math Magazine we explore tantric sex, sex rituals, and real experiences at the intersection of spiritual and sexual. Artwork, poetry, and writing will focus on enlightenment through orgasms and faith. Imagine rays of light, angels, and magic; an issue full of ecstatic pleasure!

Math is a platform enabling sex-positive experiences through radical inclusiveness, community, and high-caliber collaboration. Our flagship title, Math Magazine is a bi-annual print-only publication featuring artwork and writing for an increasingly connected and sexually liberated world. We are creating a better world through personal liberation.


EDITORS: Dan Allegrucci, Amanda DeBisschop, Fetish Fellow

STAFF: Sivan Basha, Ginger Hollander, Ray McCann, Ethan Pearlstone, Jamie Yates

ARTISTS: Sivan Basha, Jenifer Chiodo, Shelby Cross, Parker Day, Aorta Films, Jeanette Hayes, Aruhn Littlejohn, Sanyu Nicolas, Alexandra Rubinstein, Let’s Talk About Real Sex, Kallie Tiffau, Frances Waite, Walnusstinte, Virginia Zamora

AUTHORS: Danté Bailey, Shan "Boody" Boodram, Mahx Capacity, Alix Claire, Chloe Dominique, devine fame, Lynsey G., Dr. Henderson-Espinoza, Tripp Hudgins, Jessi, Jay Emerson Johnson, slave justine, Mama K, August McLaughlin, Breanna Meow, Tasneem Nathari, Amina Peterson, Cal Scot, Simone Wolff, Riley Yaxley

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Dan Allegrucci, Isaac Anthony, Timothy Archibald, Lanee Bird, Alexanna Brier, David Lawrence Byrd, High Creatives, Sarah Deaner, Reflective Desire, Benjamin Fredrickson, Rigger Jay, Shoog McDaniel, Aeric Meredith-Goujon, Shoog McDaniel, Matthew Morrocco, Nympho Ninjas, Olivia Oh, Momo Okabe, Jacquie Ray, Cal Scot, Christine Ting, Marceline VQ

MODELS: 0rion, Jing Dee, fthecorner, Fetish Fellow, Keith George, Lizard Golden, Xoe Jade, KB, Sophie Ladder, Dani Miller, Xöe Nova, Ariel Pierre-Louis, Yvonne Putrid, Rooster, Liara Roux, Spooky Slut, Joel Someone, Sonalee, Malina Stearns, Milloux Suicide, Tiana, Tina Vaden, Marceline VQ

SPECIAL THANKS: Busted Brand, B-Vibe, COTR, Mom & Dad, Mark Ghuneim
Gallery Naruyama, 
Photogenica, The Untitled Space, Our Retailers


A radically inclusive coloring book celebrating fun, healthy, and diverse sexuality with over 100 pages of drawings and quotes inspired by past issues of Math Magazine. 

"Use this book however you please, there is no wrong way to go about it. Color with a friend, or complete it solo as a diary of your ever-changing desires."Zoë Ligon

Art Director: MacKenzie Peck

Project Lead: Emma Sturm

Forward Author: Zoe Ligon

Assistant Designers: 

Emma Apicelli
SK Babul
Priyanka Badlani
Bianca Beltran
Franziska Schütz


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